UVT Production studio was founded in 1990

From this time on, UVT Production studio has established itself on the Bulgarian market as the leading production and post-production company. Soho Production have been able to create a strong and experienced team of professionals. Because of an excellent interaction between management, The Creative- and the Technical staff, projects are run in a highly efficient way.

UVT Production studio provides its clients and business partners with highly professional services, the right technology and the best knowledge of the media. We take pride in our ability to deliver a quality production no matter the budget. With years of combined experience in the production and post-production business, UVT Production studio looks forward to many years of serving their clients’ needs.

Equipment and crew for:

35 mm, 2K and 4K camera sets
Aerial robotics camera sets and certified crew
Underwater filming equipment and diving crew
Off-road transport and services
Skilled cameraman and assistants
Field sound recording
Foley stage team
Production Technical and Workflow SupporT
Service and Maintenance support

UVT Production studio do have several facilities, combined in two historical houses in the center of Sofia city.