UVT Post- Production’s digital facility include monitoring hall, editing and recording studios, foley stage and equipment room. All sound reinforcement, air-conditioning and the mobile work-lights creates comfort and friendly work space.

The technology ensures compatibility with all media files, used for picture editing. Main workstation based on Avid, Edius, BMD Resolve and ProTools HD, with variety of processors, plugins and interfaces. High quality Surround Monitoring. Selection of Sony video and audio equipment, Neuman, Sennheiser, Sanken and Sony microphones.The engineers know well all the technology process of the cinema and TV production – from the field upto the final mix and can deal with all issues working at different frame rates, EDL transfers and timecode standards. They create security and creative environment for the film director, audio director and the producer.

UVT Post- Production customers list:
Margarita Mix de Santa Monica /a division of the L.A.Studios/,USA
Pro-ton, Germany
Shepperton Studio, UK
Tic music Studios,Wien,Austria
Walden Media, Beverly Hills,CA,USA

BBH,UK Talents recorded:
Charlotte Rampling
Laura Harring
Аllison King
Vall Kilmer
Ben Cross
Richard Greco
Ethan Hawke